World's Greatest High Impact Hypnotic Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Course

You Are About To Discover The Fastest Way To Remove Stage Fear,Design Mesmerising Presentations,Put Your Audience Under Your Spell and Become a Powerful Speaker,Trainer, Leader or a Success Coach in just Two Days!!

We conduct this training once a month in Bangalore.Now You can also attend our courses from the comfort of your home through live webcast.

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Do you want to be a great speaker?

Public speaking is not easy. For most people, it doesn't come naturally and it can be downright scary. It ALSO is one of the MOST important qualities of the most highly successful, highest-paid people. The good thing is, speaking effectively, speaking persuasively, is a LEARNED skill. Which means, YOU can learn it. The more persuasive you are, the more wonderful your life can be. Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in your business and in your life. There's a proven system for eliminating the fear of public speaking. And I'm going to share it with you.This course goes beyond the basics of public speaking. It helps to master the tactics and techniques that will absolutely impact the group that you are addressing.

Inside This World's Greatest High Impact Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Course, You'll Discover

Being a trainer, professional speaker, presenter can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling professions on the planet, but if you're missing some critical knowledge and skills of presentation and public speaking, it can be a major struggle which is why most people in the training and speaking arena are poor presenters and don't make any money. The secret to success in this business is to learn from the masters - people who speak to groups of hundreds or thousands at a time and consistently earn massive amounts of money. The only problem is that most trainers in this category would never reveal their innermost secrets to success and the psychology behind every move they make.

Mr. Ramachandra Bandekar is one of the finest speaker and transformational trainer who has trained more than 75,000 people. Hundreds of corporate organizations,entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Teachers and Students have been benefitted by his training and coaching programs. You are about to learn the secrets that even the most expeierenced trainer will never know.

Dr.Latha Das is the director and founder of success point. She also is the first Master Trainer of NLP Certified by American Board in India, who will be guiding you in this course.

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Only 20 people are allowed to participate in this intensive two day course so that participants will get the individual attention.
Call 9961830009 or 9946660299 to book your seats now. In Muscat, Oman Contact: 93389816 Sabu or 99001726 Prasoon. you can also organize this event in your organization. Your Course Investment when you register in advance 29,000/- (Twenty Nine Thousand Only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Speakers use traditional systematic desensitization process which takes months and the stage fright might or might not go. when it comes to Success Point, RB uses hypnosis, Total Life Transformation With NLP, EFT, DHE, NHR and other tools to ensure you become fearless next time when you come in front of a group.
We had so many teachers, professors who had the same problem and now they speak confidently to any group and you will too.
Yes. This is the first level of Train The Trainer Course. This Course lays a very good foundation for your speaking career. It provides the tools & strategies, which even the most experienced speakers, trainers doesn't know.
Don't worry. You can register today, to take advantage of the early bird investment, and you can join anytime within the next 12 months. We regularly conduct the training program in Kochi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Dubai. You can either check the calender or call the staff for more details

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